These definitions are originally from the Hand Waving FreakOutery post on the definitions of racism – I have amplified them and added some examples.

  1. Individual racial animus – for example – “I hate you {racial slur}”
  2. “Prejudice plus power” – for example – legally enforced segregation or “it is not racist for a black person to refuse to go to a white dentist because it’s presumed that whites have power over blacks and not visa versa”
  3. Socioeconomic and government systems which produce differential racial outcomes – for example – “residential lot size minimums that have the effect of creating largely white neighborhoods”
  4. The universal impact of society wide subconscious racial bias – for example “Internalized self hatred”
  5. The actual belief that one race is genetically superior to another – for example “Central Asian Steppe Nomads have inherently better hand eye coordination and balance”

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